Born in Denver, Colorado, I later finished college in San Diego and putzed around in the Hollywood scene for 5 years following graduation. At a young age, I learned quickly to rely on myself, to problem solve and have patience with situations that were out of my control. All good traits of a fine Producer, no? Add to this the fortunate circumstances I had when I decided to leave my home at 15 years old and to move in with best friends and their families, the families who truly came to raise me. Donna Dewey was a kind mother to me and a wonderfully successful Producer at this time and I began my career in production as a junior in high school, taking gigs here and there as a Production Assistant working solely for experience and because I truly felt what fun it was being on set. After my LA experience and after Donna had taken home an Oscar for Best Short Subject Documentary, I returned to Colorado and was hired full time for Dewey-Obenchain Films, where I learned every position quite literally and worked my way from Production Assistant to Location Manager to Production Manager and finally Producer. With lots of love and opportunity, I take great pride in what I do and am now lucky enough to surround myself with polished Production Houses, excellent Executive Producers, dynamic Directors and every other charismatic crew member I've had the pleasure to work with over the years. I dig alliteration. From million dollar budgets to ten thousand dollar public service announcements, the projects I work on run the gamut of the production world. As a freelance Producer, I take on every job as a challenge and look at it as an opportunity to solve problems, meet peers and continue relationships with clients, agencies and crew around the United States and world. I'm lucky to be able to do what I do.